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Our Responsibility Our Community

Herveda Botanicals is not just a product line, but a philosophy. We believe that businesses can effect huge impact at economic, behavioral and mindset levels. Such systemic level changes are only possible with synergistic collaborations with various stakeholders.  Herveda Botanicals is also committed to building strong community with academic, private and government level engagements to strengthen the ecosystem and bring sustainable systemic changes.


Organizations in Herveda Botanicals Community include:


  • Catalyst Technology (R&D and Manufacturing in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants)
  • Udeshya4Girls (Supporting Girls in STEAM)
  • Aji’s Products (Working closely with elderly community and bring their products in market)
  • Craftmandu (Promoting products that are handcrafted in Nepal)
  • Timro Concept Store (Promoting local Nepali brands and highlighting the initiatives)
  • Farmer cooperatives and smallholder farmers (Fair trade of medicinal and aromatic plant)


At HERveda, we believe that the essence of a community is supporting each other to grow by sharing resources and extending helping hands, especially during unprecedented times. With this in mind, HERveda Botanicals is excited to collaborate with SOCHAI: Social Changemakers and Innovators, to provide nutritious food and sanitary hygiene relief packages to underprivileged children and lactating women from marginalized communities who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Changemakers and Innovators: SOCHAI is a young women led non profit that works with vulnerable women, children and girls for strengthening their health and nutrition through education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Extending Herveda Community!

We also strongly believe that we cannot bring sustainable and huge impact alone, so we have partnered with 9 women led micro-enterprises on this Winter Giving Campaign to bring to you a specially curated Limited Edition Winter Gift Box featuring each of the brands’ products that are handcrafted in Nepal. We all share similar values of strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems in Nepal and promoting local products through value addition.




Each of these enterprises were generous to allocate 5% of the sale of their featured products in this gift box to SOCHAI and HERveda is glad to match that 5% to make it 10%. Therefore 10% of the total revenue from the sale of this collaborative Winter Gift Box (in addition to 5% of all sales of Herveda Botanicals’ products) until Jan 1, 2021, will support SOCHAI in their mission of giving back to the community!

We are also accepting donations for SOCHAI and you can also purchase the following bracelets at the Herveda Botanicals Store until Jan 1, 2020 to support this noble cause.

Herveda looks forward to many more collective initiatives like this to grow a vibrant and supportive network of entrepreneurs and community stakeholders that is committed to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal and giving back to the community.

Please feel free to visit to learn more about the amazing work being carried out by SOCHAI.


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