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Herveda Botanicals is an all natural skincare brand that scientifically formulates exclusive, luxurious and highly effective products using himalayan herbs and latest innovation in skincare industry.

Herveda Botanicals is an all natural skincare brand that scientifically formulates exclusive, luxurious and highly effective products using himalayan herbs and latest innovation in skincare industry. Herveda Botanicals’ products were brought to the market after more than 4 years of research and development (R&D) on medicinal and aromatic plants of Nepal, their associations with traditional and indigenous knowledge, and the skin care secrets embedded in the alternative medicinal practices like Ayurveda and Aamchi practiced in the region for thousands of years.

Herveda Botanicals was started with the goal of adding value to highly potent herbs of Nepal using scientific and technological interventions, while supporting the communities involved in farming and collection of such herbs to solve various problems in medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) value chain and to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Nepal.  It was founded (as an innovation spin-off of Catalyst Technology) by Dr. Prativa Pandey, who is a nationally and internationally awarded research scientist and a science entrepreneur. Her academic training includes Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, and Management and Leadership certificates from the top-ranked US Universities, with more than a decade of research experience in academic and industrial settings in the US, Singapore and Nepal.

Dr. Pandey returned to Nepal from the US in 2015 after a devastating earthquake in Nepal. She started exploring different parts of Nepal to understand the context more deeply instead of imposing predetermined solutions. She was fascinated by the beneficial properties of MAPs of Nepal and saw gaps in the MAPs value chain at various levels – lack of coordination among farmers and distributors/traders, 4-5 middle-persons, unfair distribution of profit, weak value and supply chain, lack of value addition, and so on. In all these systemic level challenges, she saw huge unharnessed potential for value addition through research and product development. Thus, she started doing research on MAPs of Nepal and covered various regions of Nepal – Surkhet, Nepalgunj, Mustang, Myagdi, Mugu, Birgunj, etc. It also exposed her to many traditional and indigenous practices, medicinal practices and practitioners – like Ayurveda, Aamchi and she delved deeper into the topic.

She also saw issues with the cosmetic and skincare industry like use of harmful chemicals, lack of regulations, creation of distorted and unrealistic perception of beauty, lacking business ethics and innovation, export of herbal raw materials at very low price, and large dependency on import of skincare products. Thus, after more than 4 years of research on MAPs and skincare products through Catalyst Technology, Dr. Pandey formally founded Herveda Botanicals in 2019 to bring the best of nature to the consumers in the form of innovative and effective products.

Our brand is much more than an advanced natural skincare product line which entails a much more extensive meaning. 

The brand name HERVEDA BOTANICALS (HER + veda; Herb + VEDA; veda, in Sanskrit means knowledge) signifies – Understandings of HERBs, and  HER (women’s/ nature’s) understanding of her surrounding (plants and nature) and herself (identity and passion). The logo with a full bloom lotus at the center represents holistic knowledge and wisdom. The circle around the lotus was intentionally made imperfect to highlight the beauty that lies in imperfection, and how it takes many trials and tribulations to come to full bloom/ understanding of things.. And THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! 

We strongly believe that every brand has huge responsibility to solve market problems and strengthen the ecosystem while always striving to be better.  

Here are some of our promise as a Brand: 

  • Value addition of medicinal and aromatic plants of Nepal
  • Equitable distribution of profit to benefit all the stakeholders in the value chain
  • Synergistic collaborations with other businesses to strengthen the ecosystem
  • Ethical and Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • High quality standards for products and processes (GMP, GLP)
  • Cruelty Free philosophy
  • Conservation of indigenous and alternative medicinal knowledge through R&D
  • Latest innovations in skincare industry
  • Debunk the misconceptions and unrealistic standards of beauty

Herveda Botanicals aims to connect people and plant through science! We strive to bring full understanding of potent Himalayan herbs, rich tradition and culture in our products. Each of our products have rich stories. After all, we are all connected through stories and a little bit of magic…We will be communicating the associations of plants, people and science through blogs, stories, videos, documentaries, and reports.

Please stay tuned as we bring more stories and products that will connect


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